Margie Warnke's craft is a unique one, passed down to her from her father. So unique, that her firm is only one of 18 companies in the world (the only women owned) in the same industry. What does Ms. Warnke do? She makes airplane propellers!

When she accepted the 2001 Manufacturing Firm of The Year Award by the Arizona Small Business Development Counsel (SBDC), her husband, and business partner, Brad Subers proudly held one of Warnke Air Product's works of art up for display.

Warnke told how each wooden propeller took from 20 to 75 man-hours to make and designed to each customer's specification. Their craftsmanship is what brought them their worldwide reputation.

Warnke's shop is full of the tools of the trade and all are specialized. But all were modified by Warnke & Subers because the industry is so small what they needed didn't exist.

Started in 1997, due to an illness, Warnke Air Product's revenues have increased 25% per year and they are expanding into other products such as airplane engines. Best of all, the business is home-based, well sort of: There shop is behind their house.