What is touted as, ?the world's first and only global Internet domain created to meet the high-performance needs of the business community? has gone live. Starting today, ?.biz? domain names are available for registration to all businesses.

.biz was established by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)?the governing body that oversees the Internet's domain name system, in large part because of the limited supply of .com names.

Most of the prime .com (and .net) names have been taken a long time ago. There are currently 28 million .com domains registered worldwide. The .com may still be the standard for many more years, but now, the average small business has the ability to grab a great name for their biz, or I should say their ?.biz!?

You?ll be able to get a pretty good name, but don?t expect to get ?sports.biz? or ?business.biz? or similar single word generic names. Over 160,000 of the top names have already been awarded in a pre-registration process that concluded today.

Any provider of .com & .net names can offer .biz names, although it may take a few days for all the bugs to be worked out. So, be patient, but do not miss out on this opportunity. The .info TLD reached over 500,000 registrations on 10/25/01 after being available only 25 days. It took over 5 years for this milestone to be reached by .com!