SmallBiZ Services

Below is a list of the services offered by


New Filing Services

·         SmallBiZ Filing Service
·         Other Provisions - When you want to add additional articles to your filing documents
·         501C3 Language (For non-profit Corps only)

·         Expedited Service

·         Foreign Authority Service

·         DBA/Fictitious Name Filing

Other Filing Services

 ·         Amendment Filing - Making changes to your INC/LLC
·         Change Company Name
·         Changing People
·         Changing Structure (i.e. # shares in INC or mgmt. type in LLC)

·         Domestication/Continuance - Moving INC/LLC to another state

·         Conversion Filing - Changing entity type

·         Merging two or more entities

·         Dissolution or Cancellation Filing

·         Annual Report Filing

Compliance Services

·         SmallBiZ Secretary Service for Corporations

·        SmallBiZ Secretary Service for LLCs

·        Deluxe Company Kit

·        Corporate Forms CD

·        Operating Agreement on CD

·        Stock Certificates

·        Member Certificates

·        Embosser Company Seal

·        EIN Services

·        Registered Agent




·         International Apostille

·         Certified Copy - Of Articles, Annual Reports, etc.

·         Certificate of Good Standing


Other Services

·         Mail Forwarding Service

·         Wyoming Bank Account Set Up