Foreign Authority Service

If your corporation or LLC has a physical presence in a state other than where it was formed, then you are required by state law to register your INC/LLC as a foreign company in that state.

Foreign Authority Service

We will help your company obtain this "foreign authority" or official authorization to operate in any state easily. Here's what we will do:

Check name availability in the "foreign" state of operation

Order required certificates (i.e. certificates of status or certified copies) from your formation state

Prepare all foreign authority paperwork

Make it simple so that you'll only need to review, sign, attach check, and send in the mailer we provide to the state agency handling foreign registrations


What's the cost?

We charge only $25, plus the fees for acquiring required certificates, plus shipping and handling (of your choice) for this service. You'll still need to pay the state fees to the "foreign" state in which you're registring.

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