SmallBiZ Secretary Service


Introduced a few years ago, the SmallBiZ Secretary for Corporations now helps thousands of small business owners each year keep their corporations compliant with their state’s compliance and governance details.


Whether your corporation is brand new or years behind in compliance, SmallBiZ Secretary can help you handle the corporate governance puzzle in a few minutes each year.


Does your corporation need the Secretary?


Why it is important?

Your corporation follow some basic governance requirements after formation (i.e. adopt company bylaws, issue stock, etc.) and throughout each year (i.e. document actions, hold annual meetings, file annual report with state, etc.).  Failure to follow all actions will make your corporation non-compliant.



 This could result in penalties, taxes, & personal liabilities!

What REALLY needs to be done?


It may seem puzzling, but EVERY regular corporation must take the following actions:

  • Complete ALL initial meeting requirements
  • Record corporate actions in minutes
  • Formally issue stock certificates
  • Post-filing with formation state
  • Hold special directors meetings before taking any corporate actions
  • Send in all required IRS documentation
  • File annual report or tax statement 
  • Conduct annual meetings
  • Deliver proper notice to directors or officers
  • Much more 

Did you forget something?



What does Secretary do?

For only $99 per year (annual subscription), SmallBiZ Secretary will bring your Corporation into compliance and keep it there by providing you the following tools:



Quick and easy set up


Easy-to-follow Action checklists and instructions for each corporate action


24/7 Compliance Monitor warns you of non-compliance 


Library of 100's of general business, state, and federal legal forms


Your corporate paperwork completed automatically


Email reminders of any future "Compliance Events"


EZ filings of any state changes


Online stock printer and ledger


Instant access to basic corporate info when you need it


Completion of annual meetings quickly and easily


State annual report reminders and filing assistance


Federal & state research areas


Archive of all previous Actions and forms


ATTENTION OLDER CORPORATIONS!  Bring your old corporation into compliance even if you’ve followed no corporate governance before.

Only SmallBiZ Secretary offers ALL the pieces of the corporate compliance puzzle.

How many $1000's of dollars
would an attorney charge for these services?

For only $99/ per year

Secretary has put the compliance puzzle together

Now ONLY $75 First Year



Secretary for LLC’s - Coming Very Soon!

Currently, Secretary is only available for regular corporations, but we are working now on releasing SmallBiZ Secretary for LLC’s in 2013. 

Visit the SmallBiZ Secretary for LLC's page and see what it will do and when it will be available.