IRS Offerings for National Small Biz Week

Maybe, at first glance, "IRS" and "smallbiz" don't seem likely partners. But, the IRS has set up a page of video offerings to be helpful to small business owners just for National Small Biz Week. Here are some of the best that were fairly recent:

Business Use of Your Home

Find out what kinds of deductions are allowable for your home office and what’s not by watching this video (9/10/14).
Here are a few other non-IRS videos you might find helpfull on this subject:

Simple home office deduction tip by Kim Komando (3/2/15) - A quick overview of one of the best IRS changes to come to the home office deduction.

Preparing Form 8829 by Bruce McFarland (10/8/13) - Google Hang-Out discussion about how to prepare IRS Form 8829 - Business Use of Your Home.

Ten Things to Ask Your Accountant

This webinar (3/31/15) provides small business owners with the basics for effective conversations with their accountants, they will learn more about legitimate tax opportunities that are available to them.

Small Business Taxes - The Virtual Workshop

Here is a 9 lesson video workshop that helps small businesses with what you need to know about federal taxes, Schedule C, how to file electronically, running your business out of your home, setting up retirement plans, hiring & federal taxes, managing payroll, making tax deposits, and hiring non-US citizens.

Payments to Independent Contractors

This video (5/13/14) includes details about Form 1099 filing requirements, backup withholding, and how to avoid being liable for it, and more.

Depreciation Basics

This video (5/18/14) covers what property can/can't be depreciated, various methods, Section 179 property, and various rules to be aware of.

Small Business Heal Care Tax Credit

Although not on their Small Biz Week list, this video (4/1/14) covers what's on a lot of small business owners' minds, so we thought it would be useful here.

We'll try to add more to this page as we find them.

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