What is a Wyoming Registered Agent?


A Wyoming Registered Agent is a person or company who is authorized to and agrees to act as the key contact for a corporation or LLC in Wyoming.  This company (or person) must have a physical business address that is open during normal business hours and must be willing to accept service of process (be served a lawsuit) in the event the company is sued.

If a company or person acts as a registered agent for more than three companies,



they must be certified as a commercial registered agent in Wyoming.  Commercial Wyoming registered agents must register each year by December 31st to be able to act as registered agent for other companies.  A state compliance officer ensures that each commercial registered agent follows the Wyoming state statutes for registered agent services.


Most good national registered agent service companies like Smallbiz Agents, Inc., which serves as registered agent to thousands of corporate customers in every state, makes sure that if a Wyoming company is sued the contact of that company receives the actual lawsuit documents in a timely manner. 


Smallbiz Agents goes even further: first, scaning all documents received to an online "Company Documents" page, available for immediate download; second, emailing notification to customer; and third shippingall received lawsuit docs to customer  by FedEx Next Day Air.


Smallbiz Agents, Inc. also provides other unique services such as their Annual Report Reminder service, included in its regular Wyoming registered agent service: Each customer is notified before their annual report is due to the Secretary of State of Wyoming. 


Smallbiz Agents, Inc. even provides easy access to the annual state forms and online filing links so that customers can complete this annual requirement quickly and easily. 


  With Smallbiz Agents' Wyoming

Smallbiz Agent's

Wyoming Registered Agent Service

Annual Report Reminder - We will remind you by email 30 days before your state annual report is due*.  So you won't be late

All Docs Scanned - Any authorized mail, legal inquiries, & lawsuits are scanned and available the same day on online Company Docs page

Email Notification - When we receive something on your behalf, we will notify you by email

SOP Shipped FedEx Next Day - When we receive a lawsuit on behalf of your company, you will have it within two business days of receipt at our Wyoming office.

Forms Depot - Access to 100s of updated state filing forms & instructions; corporate compliance forms (resolutions, bylaws, etc.); & LLC compliance forms (i.e. operating agreements, resolutions, etc.). [Coming Soon]

State & Federal Compliance Research Areas - Access to updated state statutes, filing requirements, state filing information, & much more

Filing Assistance - We assist you with any other filing needs you have.  After all we are a professional filing service too.

Manage Everything Online - Edit your email address, forwarding address, contact information, pay your renewal, or send us a message all from one location

Mail Forwarding Service Available - Your company can use our Cheyenne Wyoming address as your own (for additional cost)

Superior Customer Service - Although we cannot provide legal or accounting advice, our customer service staff can assist you at any time with your filing or information to point you in the right direction.

All for only $29 the first 12 months!

($99 per year upon renewal)

Get full service for bargain prices


See why each year over 10,000 business entities trust SmallBiZ.com for their filing, registered agent, & compliance services!


registered agent service, forgetting to file your annual report is no longer a fear.  Failure to file annual report may result in the administrative dissolution of entity.


Many Wyoming agents are associated with other companies in Wyoming so you don't even know who you are dealing with.  We actually have an office in Cheyenne Wyoming with a representative on site.





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Cheyenne, WY  82009

Want to use our Wyoming address

as your business address?


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Mail Forwarding Service


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Want to Change Wyoming Registered Agent?

If you have an existing Wyoming INC or LLC, changing your Wyoming agent to Smallbiz


Keep your entity compliant too!

Add SmallBiZ Secretary service to your order and you?ll make sure that your entity is never out of compliance.  Nationally recognized Secretary service is used by thousands of corporations to keep their entities compliant with state regulations.  Now, when your entity subscribes to SmallBiZ Secretary, you?ll receive $50 off each year?s registered agent service.  That means you'll pay only $49 each year for your registered agent.  CLICK HERE for more info on SmallBiZ Secretary.


Want more discounts?

You'll also receive discounts each year for having registered agent in three or more states or for three or more companies.  If you subscribe for ten or more companies/states, pay as little as $29/per year!



What do you have to loose? 

Choose the Wyoming commercial registered agent service company that provides the best, most complete service available, all for only $99 per year.  What else would you expect from SmallBiZ.com?



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* Annual report reminders is currently only available for corporations with SmallBiZ Secretary service.

Agents, Inc. is simple and only costs $29 for the first 12 months of service ($99 per year upon each renewal).  CLICK HERE to order.

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