What is a Wyoming Continuance?

A Wyoming "Continuance" occurs when you move your INC or LLC, which was originally formed in one state, to Wyoming.  Wyoming provides for a formal process of moving your charter from its formation state to Wyoming and we can take care of the whole process for you.  Consider the benefits of moving your charter to Wyoming:

    • Save annual fees - You pay $50 per year vs. $100's or more every year!
    • Retain Original Filing Date - So instead of starting again, your entity's original date of formation is maintained*
    • Be anonymous - You do not have to list your member/manager information (for LLCs) nor director information (for INCs) on the initial filing nor annual report.  This is better than Nevada, which requires this information on both the initial filing and annual report. 
    • Wyoming's other fees are less - Wyoming charges less for other services such as certified copies, certificates of good standing, & apostilles.  Wyoming also charges less for changes to your charter (i.e. change of name, etc.)
    • Continuence process is simple - In only a few weeks your charter can be moved to Wyoming.

How does the continuance process work?

     Because Wyoming makes it simple, the process is pretty easy.  You are simply requesting continuance and application for charter in Wyoming and then upon approval, you would cancel or dissolve your charter with your formation state.  Wyoming statues does require that your entity be in good standing in the state you are coming from.  That may mean paying any overdue fees to that state to bring your charter into good standing before submitting to Wyoming.

     SmallBiZ.com makes the process even easier.  You order the service and we take it from there.  Let us worry about all the details.


What does the continuence process cost?

    The cost to move your entity is different for an INC than it is for an LLC.  Because the dissolution costs are different with each formation state, this cost will very as well.  The best thing to do is write us for the complete cost.  Tell us your company name, your formation state and how quckly you need this done.  We'll do some research and reply back to you by the next day.  If you are coming from Nevada, please read the articles below.


CLICK HERE to request a quote for Wyoming Continuance


*  NOTE:  Not all states allow the movement of their charter to Wyoming.  When you ask for our help, be sure to list your formation state so that we can check to see if your state is one of the states which allows this.


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