Registered Agent
Quick Definition
Agent for service of process

What is Registered Agent?

Every corporation or LLC must have a registered agent. So, if your company is sued, there is a local (in the state of formation) person or company available to receive service of process on behalf of that company.

You can choose to be your own Registered Agent for your company (subject to state statutes) or you can choose any other valid individual or valid company (as defined by your state's statutes) to act as your Registered Agent.

Besides fulfilling the statutory requirement of being available for service of process, a registered agent may also be responsible for forwarding state tax documents (i.e. annual reports or franchise tax statements) on behalf of the corporation.  

Although each state's requirements for registered agent are different, most require the registered agent have a physical address (in the formation state) which is open during normal business hours.  Your registered agent cannot be the company you are forming.'s Agent Service provides Full Service Registered Agent services for only $99.00 per year (per state) in every state!  This is among the lowest cost for full service registered agent services!  Besides fulfilling statutory requirements, can provide additional anonymity to your company's public record filing (depends on state).  All registered agent subscribers also have 24/7 access to a registered agent website, with forms, research areas, document archieves, and more. 

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If you choose a commercial registered agent to be your registered agent, you will be required to order Expedited Filing Service (or pay an additional $25 fee) and you must have a signed authorization from that registered agent to act as your company's agent before we can submit your filing with the state.

If you order registered agent services, you must be able to provide a US address for forwarding (any acceptable documents we receive on your company's behalf) or be subject to a $50 non-refundable postage deposit.

The registered agent address is NOT your company's address and cannot be used for company mailings.  Business mail sent to company at registered agent's address will generally not be delivered by postal service (see mail forwarding for more info).