Secretary Help

First Time Users

If this is the first time you have used SmallBiZ Secretary and you have answered all of your Initial Questions, you must first bring your corporation into compliance.  To do this, either click on the "CLICK HERE to fix" link in the Compliance Monitor (top of the HOME page) or click on the "Incomplete/Option Actions" link in the Take Action area (below the Help link). 

"Non Compliant"

When there are "Incomplete" or "Open" Actions that your corporation must take, your corporation will be "Non-Compliant".  Until these actions are completed, you may be vulnerable to personal liability as your corporation may not be considered "Active" under your formation state's statutes.  Just click on the "CLICK HERE to fix" link (on HOME page) to complete these actions.


Coming Soon

Help Videos

We will soon provide Help videos here to help subscribers understand better how to take care of their ongoing Corporate Actions.  Please visit this area again soon to view these exciting addtions to SmallBiZ Secretary.